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Common Questions

Your Estate Service Company — Here to Answer All Your Questions

What kind of services do you offer?

Hawk's Helpers offers estate sales, buy outs and clean outs. We can help with any estate need you might want and will make a flexible plan for you!

How much does your services cost?

Hawk's Helpers provides a free consultation to figure out the best plan for you. If we do an estate sale that would be commission based. In a buy out we will buy the items from you. A clean out charge is determined by the amount of items involved.

What should I expect from an estate sale?

With an estate sale our professional team will need access to the property approximately 7-10 days before the sale. We will set up tables and display all items not easily accessible. From there our team will take professional, detailed pictures to start marketing the sale and specific items. Our skilled team will research items to get you the most amount of money in your pocket. Once completely set up for the sale we usually operate a 2-3 day sale.

What items should we remove before you come over?

None. Hawk's Helpers will try and sell every item we can. This includes clothes, food, kitchen items and beds. Any items that don't sell at the end we can donate back into the community.

How soon can I have an estate sale?

As long as scheduling allows we would just need a minimum of 7 days to prepare the estate.

What if I don't know what service I need?

That is completely ok. When Hawks' Helpers comes for the initial consolation we can give you a better idea of what we feel would work best for your situation.

What kind of appraisals do you offer?

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